​Debbie Lee Piano Studio

Calendar, 2018-2019

​Welcome to Debbie Lee Piano Studio!

Debbie Lee Piano Studio is located in Camas, WA, and offers individually designed private piano lessons to students of all levels and ages.  Mrs. Lee believes children are products of their environments and anyone can learn to play piano and enjoy music making.  "Learning Triangle," between teacher, parent, and student, creates the nurturing and encouraging environment to help student to learn and be creative and expressive through music and cultivate the love of music for life.  In this environment students will learn music as naturally as they learn their mother tongue.  

It is well known fact that researchers and educators found that music education, especially instrumental lessons benefit children in numerous ways.  Study after study confirms that young children who take piano and other instrumental lessons improve their coordination, sequential abilities, concentration, memory skills, natural creative abilities, and much more.  Playing piano also provides children with a means of self-expression and increases in their confidence and discipline. 
Debbie Lee Piano Studio offers many opportunities for the students to learn and perform various piano repertoire.  Studio recitals, festivals and performances, 

workshops and master classes,  theory and musicianship exams, music camps and summer institutes are just some examples of many activities that students will participate throughout the year. 

For more information, please fill out the contact form or call Mrs. Lee at 971-263-7263.

Sept. 3, 2018- Labor Day​

​Oct. 12-13, 2018- Suzuki Ass. of WA Fall Festival 

Oct. 13, 2018 - WSMTA Dist. IV Conference
Nov. 4-5, 2018- CCMTA Festival

Nov. 11, 2018- Studio Recital

Nov. 21-23, 2018- Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 24, 2018- Jan.4, 2019- Winter Break

Feb. 23, 2019- Solo and Ensemble

Mar. 8-9, 2019- Music Artistry Program

Mar. 16-20, 2019- MTNA National Conference

Mar. 23, 2019- CCMTA Workshop & Master Class

Apr. 1-5, 2019- Spring Break
Apr. 2019 (TBA)- CCMTA Scholarship Concert

May 4-5, 2019- CCMTA Festival

​Jun. 1, 2019- Studio Recital

Jun. 19-21,  2019- WSMTA Conference

Jun. 23-28, 2019 - Oregon Suzuki Institute

Jul. 1, 2019 - Summer schedule begins